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The winner is JON PAUL MAYSE (1991)  California-UK

This is the motivation of the Jury
"We found the recorder trio to be really original and somehow very much of our time, which is something really difficult to achieve successfully. We feel that what makes it so is the taking of a more obscure “underdog” instrument and doing something delightfully surprising with it. Working with such an instrument encouraged the composer to find a totally unique approach without relying exclusively on common composition tropes. There is also an economy of materials in this piece, which gives it a lot of cohesion and a kind of methodical, meditative quality. The piece is both highly disciplined and very unassuming. There is also the sense that the performers have to work as an intimate team to create the textures the composer imagines. The vocal work is also intriguing. There is so much depth and meaning to its message and the harmonic world is evocative and beautiful. The professionalism and unique gift of this composer really springs out from the pages, and it makes us want to get to know more of this voice." 




First absolute premiere concert, May 30th 2021

As the winner of the Composition Prize 2019, Jon Paul Mayse wrote a piece expressly for Manca Dornik, winner of the “Novecento” Prize 2019, awarded to the best execution of a piece composed after 1950.
The first absolute premiere execution of his “Chest of Toys” was held on May, 30th 2021 in Turin.

The composer Jon Paul Mayse was connected via video call during the first absolute premiere of "Chest of Toys".
First absolute premiere concert: photos 



The panel of judges 2019

Alberto E. Colla (Ita)
Alissa Firsova (Eng/Rus)
Anna Pidgorna (Ukr/Can)

 81 Enrolled, 59% up since 2018

We regret to inform the competitors to the 6th International Composition Prize Luigi Nono that Mr. Colla cannot continue his work as member of the Jury due to serious personal issues. Ms Firsova and Ms Pidgorna will stay in charge and draw up the results within october 25th. 

The first edition of the Prize dates back 2014 and, by now, it is widely known all over the world.
Young composers, up to 40 years old, can participate.
In addition to the prize, the winner will be asked for the composition of a piece expressly written for the winner of the “Novecento” (20th Century) Prize - either soloist or group -, awarded to the best execution of a piece composed after 1950, in the same year edition of the International Chamber Music Competition Luigi Nono.
The commissioned piece will be premiered by the winner/s of  “Novecento” Prize in a concert within the following Concert season organized by Amici per la Musica Association.

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