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9th edition




Board of Examiners’s about the winner’s music:
All three judges found the music of Veljko Nenadić impressively effective, particular, and energetic.
The composer has a great sense of flow, dramaturgy, and the ability to synthesise different musical practices in a unique way. The two submitted pieces are full of imagination and admirable unpredictability

Honourable mentions

Examiners’s comment
The music of Jee Seo  is solid and powerful. Effective dramatic development, energetic rhythm alongside timral delicacy and elegance make her/his/their music distinguishable with overall excellence.
congrats for getting honorable mention AGAIN,
Examiners’s comment
The combination of fascinating acoustic worlds and direct formal paths makes the music of Diego Ratto  irresistibly captivating and prominent.
The sophisticated harmonic language together with the microtonal as well as oriental elements add a distinct spice and fascinating uniqueness to the voice of this composer.
Examiners wish to make known also the names of the additional four FINALISTS, chosen among 101 competitors:
Robin Haigh
Baldwin Giang
Junyoung Kim
Benjamin Webster


The winner of the Novecento Prize, for the best performance of a piece of contemporary music at the 25th International Chamber Music Competition Luiig Nono is Duo Momo Nana (Momoko Konishi, violin, Nanami Okuda, piano).
Veljko Nenadić is going to compose a new piece especially for them. The new composition will be premiered in a concert within the 2023 Concert season organized by Amici per la Musica Association.



The panel of judges 2022   

Giorgio Colombo Taccani (ITA)

Liliya Ugay (UZB/USA)        

Gianluca Castelli (ITA/GER)


Composers in figures

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Composers 2022 by Country of Birth

Nine years of competitors 


Call for scores in English
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The first edition of the Prize dates back 2014 and, by now, it is widely known all over the world.
Young composers, up to 40 years old, can participate.
In addition to the prize, the winner will be asked for the composition of a piece expressly written for the winner of the “Novecento” (20th Century) Prize - either soloist or group -, awarded to the best execution of a piece composed after 1950, in the same year edition of the International Chamber Music Competition Luigi Nono.
The commissioned piece will be premiered by the winner/s of  “Novecento” Prize in a concert within the following Concert season organized by Amici per la Musica Association.


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