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First Prize

Paula Sumane, violin

Second Prize ex-aequo

Valerio Lisci, arpa

Thomas Chartré, violoncello  

Third Prize

Antje Thiele, flauto


First Prize

T'Nua Quartet

Second Prize

Quartetto Werther

Third Prize

Ces-Dur Trio

Higtly commended

Duo Hsinka

                          SPECIAL PRIZES


Smat La Musica e l'Acqua

Highly commended

Johanne Thiele, accompaning pianist

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                                                     TO THE FINAL ROUND

7 SOLOISTS, sunday  morningfrom 9:00 a.m.

Valerio Lisci (harp)
Antje Thiele (flute)
Yu-Tin Mabel Hung (piano)
Paula Sumane (violin)
Thomas Chartrè (cello)
Filippo Del Noce (flute)
Umberto Beccaria (piano)

CHAMBER MUSIC, sunday afternoon from 2:00 p.m.

Trio Chagall
T'Nua Quartet
Zyia Duo
Quartetto Echos
Trio Ces-Dur
Kugel Quartet
Duo Hsinka
Werther Quartet


Luigi Nono

The Luigi Nono International Chamber Music Competition is aimed at young artists aged between 15 and 29 or 33. It includes two sections : chamber music – for young people from 15 to 33 years of age and any group (from duo to octet, including one piano max.) and soloists playing any kind of instrument including piano (with accompaniment if required) for young people aged between  15 and 29. Since the beginning, the Luigi Nono Competition has captured the attention of a great number of young artists from all over the world and has reached very high standards and an international status. The Luigi Nono International Chamber Music Competition logo is a treble clef, the universal symbol all musicians, but a wider audience as well, are familiar with. It is normally positioned at the beginning of the stave and, similarly, the Luigi Nono Competition intends to be a starting point for young musicians. Furthermore, it indicates the position of notes and the pitch of the relevant sounds, just like the world of music in general and the Competition specifically, impose rules to be complied with to reach perfection.

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The jury compliment everyone on their performances.
There were many excellent either soloists and groups in this edition of the Luigi Nono Chamber Music Competition, but at the end a decision has to be taken and finalists have to be chosen.
The Associazione Amici per la Musical thank all who participated in this wonderful edition of the Competition.

La giuria si complimenta con tutti i concorrenti per le loro esecuzioni.
Molti eccellenti sono stati sia tra i solisti che tra i gruppi, anche se alla fine una decisione deve essere presa e i finalisti devono essere scelti.
L'Associazione Amici per la Musica ringrazia tutti coloro che hanno partecipato a questa ottima edizione del Concorso Luigi Nono.

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